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    wall canvases

    Any of the images on this site may be purchased as canvases to hang on your wall. Images may also be cropped differently from the examples shown. For example, a horizontal image may be cropped as a square.

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    • Finish - gloss or matte
    • Sides - the image wraps around the sides of the canvas
    • Format - horizontal, vertical, square (may vary per image)
    • Cropping - to crop an image differently than shown, contact the artist.
    • Framing - canvases are 1.5" deep and unframed
    • Shipping - is included in the price
    • Delivery - canvases are sent via FedEx
    • Taxes - for delivery within Virginia, 5.3% sales tax will be added

    Other Sizes

    Other sizes and options are available and are only limited to your imagination. Because there are so many fabulous ways to print a canvas, we can chat. Simply fill out the brief form on this page, and the artist will contact you to discuss the numerous options and prices for each.

    the Artist

    Diane Ginsberg

    Diane Ginsberg

    Diane Ginsberg is a digital photographer on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. She is inspired by the diversity of nature and captures its beauty in her botanical art. Her work is shown nationwide, sold in museum gift shops, and collected by hundreds of people with a keen eye for design.


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